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Infrastructure Services

News and Updates

January 14, 2016: CAS updated to support the CAS 3.0 protocol

The Texas A&M Central Authentication Service has been updated to support the CAS 3.0 protocol. The CAS 3.0 protocol has an additional '.../serviceValidate' server validation URL that applications may use.

Although there are now two different '.../serviceValidate' server validation URLs (one for CAS 2.0 and one for CAS 3.0), they will return the exact same payload. While CAS had possessed the <cas:attributes> element to return additional elements in the payload in CAS 2.0, it was not formally documented in the CAS protocol until the CAS 3.0 protocol was published.

More information about this can be found in the CAS section.

November 6, 2015: Two-factor authentication available for NetID account

The Texas A&M University System has selected the InCommon Two-factor Authentication program with Duo Security to provide two-factor authentication to Service Providers needing enhanced security. Duo's Two-factor Authentication is a cloud-based second-factor authentication with no software to install and no server to set up. Duo has patented technology and drop-in integrations to enable IT customers to easily integrate Duo into an existing application login workflow. The Duo model primarily relies on smartphones to be the device in the user's possession. Most users will like the ease and convenience of using phones to verify their identity.

More information about this service is provided in the Two-Factor Authentication section.