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Directory Services

Texas A&M URN Namespace Namespace

MACE has delegated the adminstration of the namespace to Texas A&M University's Information Technology. For further information on MACE URNs please visit:

Registrations in the Namespace

This table lists all assignments in the namespace
Namespace Contact Date Registered Purpose URL Cheryl Cato December 12, 2006 TAMU root namespace Cheryl Cato June 30, 2007 TAMU course offerings View registry. Tom Golson August 27, 2007 TAMU departmental namespaces View registry. Tom Golson July 10, 2012 Identity assurance profiles View registry.   May 20, 2009 Queue-enabled services This namespace branch deprecated in 2011 Tom Golson July 21, 2010 Security-sensitive privileges Registry is not publicly available. Tom Golson August 27, 2007 Shibboleth implementation View registry.