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Infrastructure Division of Information Technology

Identity Services

Position, Role and Organization (PRO) Email Address Management

Position, Role and Organization (PRO) Email Address Usage

Position, Role and Organization (PRO) email addresses are used to provide a stable, long-term email adress that is tied to a position, a role or an organization within Texas A&M University. This prevents confusion when individuals filling a position, performing a role, or belonging to an organization change positions, roles or organizations.

An example of a PRO email address would be The Help Desk Central organization is comprised of many individuals. If you need assistance from Help Desk Central, you can send an email to the Organizational Email Address without needing to know the email address of a specific individual within that organization.


Since PRO email addresses are set up to manage email for a position, role or organization, the department is considered to be the true owner of the account. However, personnel must be associated with the account to manage the account settings. These personnel are referred to as the account owners or proxies and are the only departmental employees considered to be authorized to make or request changes to the account.


A PRO email address must have at least one NetID account holder specified as a proxy. Associating multiple proxies with a PRO email address is recommended. A PRO email address proxy must be an active faculty or staff employee of Texas A&M University System.

When a PRO email address proxy terminates employment or changes to a new supervisor, the former supervisor will receive an email alerting them that the former employee was a proxy on PRO email Addresses with a list of the accounts. With this information, the former supervisor can work with one of the other account proxies or the Identity Management Office to update the PRO email address proxies.

Requesting a Position, Role and Organization (PRO) Email Address

Departments can request PRO email addresses by completing and submitting the request form:

Position, Role an Organization (PRO) Email Address Lifecycle


A PRO email address is created once the request has been reviewed and approved. The requestor will be notified once the email address has been set up and is ready for use.


NetID account holders manage their PRO Email Addresses via the Proxy Account Management application. This application allows the account holder to edit directory information, add or remove proxies or change the delivery address for the account.


PRO email address usage/need must be confirmed once every two years. The Identity Management Office is responsible for contacting the account proxies or department and confirming the email address is still in use.

If the Identity Management Office receives no response after three attempts to contact for account renewal, the PRO email address is locked/disabled for a month and then deleted.


PRO email addresses are deleted at the specific request of the department or when the account is not renewed. If the deparment later decides that they wish to re-establish the email address, they will submit a new request.