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Infrastructure Division of Information Technology

Authentication & Authorization Services

Two-Factor Authentication

Technical Requirements and Information

Texas A&M Duo Service

Duo Two-factor Authentication is being used to add a second layer of security to NetID accounts for those personnel accessing sensitive or higher risk systems. Departmental IT professionals may also integrate Duo Two-factor Authentication with their local (non-NetID) administrator accounts.


This service is available for use to the following groups:

  • faculty
  • researchers
  • staff
  • students
  • IT professionals

For all groups except IT professionals, users must have a NetID and password to use Duo Two-factor Authentication.

Eligible NetID account holders are able to self-enroll in Duo Two-factor Authentication via the Duo Enrollment application. Account holders wishing to use a hardware token device will need to contact the Identity Management Office for assistance.


  • Service licensing is centrally funded.
  • Smartphone and mobile app are free with use of this service.
  • Service telephony credits for call use and SMS messages with traditional cell phones and landline phones is currently covered through Texas A&M IT and is periodically subject to review.
  • Note: Text messages and voice calls are sent only when a user requests them, and they would be billed by the user's carrier in the same way that any other text message or call would be based on a user's carrier plan. Texas A&M will not reimburse users for these charges. If the charges when using Duo exceed a level that a user is comfortable with, then the user should consider switching to a hardware token rather than a cell phone for the service.
  • Hardware token devices typically used with this service are priced at $25.00 to $65.00 per device and can be purchased through the Texas A&M Software Center.

Community is a mailing list devoted to Texas A&M's Duo service. Developers using this service are encouraged to subscribe.